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You can change a billion lives!

Join the PWH Foundation professional instructors team and join our mission to enrich and uplift the career of students by helping them upskill.

If you are passionate about teaching, and you have got what it takes to touch a million souls and help them upskill and grow, both online and offline and through recorded courses, then the position of an instructor will be a perfect match for you. You can be an instructor in any of the many courses we offer and help people upskill and grow.

You can join as an instructor as a full-time instructor or a part-time instructor, or as a side hustle.

Why is PWH Foundation the best place to join as an online/offline Instructor?

Steady Income

You can make this your full-time income or take this job as an additional source of income.

Earn Recognition

Teach at any time you are comfortable, and with our prerecorded classes, your students can classes your classes at their comfortable time as well

Teach Your Preferred Skill

Teach courses on any subject you are comfortable with in our diverse umbrella of courses with the PWH Foundation.

What are the methods to be an instructor with the PWH Foundation?

Record Videos for YouTube Channel & Courses

We offer high-quality videos for free on YouTube and premium recorded courses. You can record videos, complete courses for us, and monetize your expertise.

Take Online Training Sessions (Live Classes)

There are more than 20 batches who attend our classes. Become an instructor with PWH Foundation to teach a live class for our online courses.

Conduct Classroom Training in Jodhpur

We also offer classroom training in Kolkata. And that also works for us if you are from this city or willing to relocate for a full-time career.

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What do we expect from the trainer?

🔵 Love and devotion for teaching and upskilling others

🔵 Wisdom and expertise in the discipline area you are applying for

🔵 Excellent presentation and communication skills

🔵 Ability to develop and produce top-notch content

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