✓ Learn how to write an SEO optimized content
✓ Learn to write content with proper grammar
✓ We will also increase your stock of vocabularies
✓ Learn how to increase the score of your readability


The students will be given a deep understanding of grammar and how to use the right voice and sense while writing content. They will also learn to use the SEO tools like Google keyword planner and Ahrefs keyword tools to create the perfect SEO-approved content. They will also learn to edit any content and create the perfect content suitable for both websites and blogs.


10+2 (Any Stream) / Ungraduates / Graduates

Course duration: 6 months

Cleverly split into practical and theory classes

Career Opportunities

100% Guarantee of High-Paying Jobs

15 JAN, 2023

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3 Months

Program Duration

Blended Learning

Learning Format

Why Join this Program

Get trained by the best

Get trained by professionals who are working in the field for the last 7 years and have experience working with some of the hardest projects for some of the biggest companies in the industry. So, with their experience and training, you will notice that you have become an expert in the field in a mere amount of 9 months.

Learn and earn

PWH Foundation focuses on giving you the skills and refining them to a razor-sharp edge. And we do it to ensure that you can succeed in the professional field with flying colors and earn something you deserve. We will work hard with you so that you can achieve success in your area of expertise.

100% Job Opportunities

When you finish your course with us, you will see that you will get a high-paying job with us or some of the biggest companies in the nation. We are proud to say that our alumni are today working with some of the biggest names in the nation, with a huge payscale. So, if you think you deserve the best, you have to work with us.

In the first three months, you will learn how to create primary content for any website. And we will show you how you can do primary content writing for any website. We will also instruct you on how to implement simple tools and flows to improve the quality of your writing. You will also be shown how you can increase your typing speed, which is an essential skill for a successful career in content writing. And finally, our instructors will also show you how to find the best approach to successfully create an outline to write an exciting article.

In the second part of the course, you will learn how to optimize and track your content. We will teach you how to properly optimize your writing by using the proper buzzwords. And we will teach you how to be friendly with google algorithms and website crawlers. This will help you climb the ranks and get ranked on the first page of google searches. And we will also instruct you in the tricks on how you can track your content accurately for free. We will also show you how to use the online tools you should use to write appropriate content without any trouble successfully.

In the final part, you will learn how to write a proper SEO-approved article. You will also be instructed on how to master the topic selection process and research intent to ensure the efforts you have put into writing the essay were not in vain.

You will also be provided a one-on-one season with a pro who will show you their work process and how they create an entire SEO-approved content from scratch. You will also be taught how to edit content or article and proofread it perfectly.


Learning How to Write

∟ Discover a strategic approach to Content Writing for your own website, or for others

∟ Learn how to optimize your efficiency as a writer, using simple workflows and tools

∟ Understand which niches to pick, and which ones to avoid in order to grow your site and traffic

∟ Acquire an in depth understanding of which AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps can help, and which are a waste of time

∟ Learn how to outline articles rapidly and thoroughly – a critical skill for success

∟ Know the best approach to writing at high quality and speed



Knowing the Technical Side

∟ Learn the very best ways to optimize articles to stand the very best chance for Google to rank them, so that you get clicks to your website

∟ Understand how to track your results simply, accurately, and for free

∟ Understand the different types of Content Writing


SEO Writing

∟ Learn about and master the SEO Article Writing method

∟ Master topic selection and search intent, to ensure that you are not writing in vain

∟ Sit over my shoulder as I take a Google-optimized article all the way from keyword (topic) research all the way through to publication

∟ Discover my own research process that saves huge amounts of time in creating original and valuable content, and in fact checking

∟ Acquire a clear cut editing and proofing process that saves huge amounts of time and effort.

∟ Get clear about the best ways to structure, format, and publish articles in WordPress

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