There are five major points to starting a career as a web designer.

  1. Learn web design theory from PWH Foundation
  2. Learn the primary web design tools like WordPress and Google web designer
  3. Work on your projects to develop your web development skills
  4. Develop your skills by practicing in our unlimited practical classes
  5. Apply to the relevant web design jobs

Yes. Web Designing is one of the most lucrative jobs right now. Some stats show that by 2024 there will be a 30% increase in job demand. Also, Web Designers are earning huge paychecks ranging from 5 to 7 LPA. It can be safely said that web design is one of the best career opportunities in the market right now. So, start your web designing courses with us from PWH Foundation.

To be a graphic designer, you must simultaneously love art and technology. And you need to join then a course where you will be shown the tips and tricks of using basic applications like Photoshop and illustrator. And then, start working on projects and build your portfolio to get better job opportunities. And when you do the course with us at PWH Foundation, you will find that you are creating all of that and will be awarded an internship and a guarantee of a job with 100% success.

As a graphic designer, you have a whole world of opportunities in front of you. You can choose to be a UI/UX designer, an art director, and so on. You can also choose to have a career as a freelancer as well. And the pay scale as a graphic designer is lucrative, with the average salary starting at 3.5 to 7 LPA for a senior graphic designer.

The UI/UX Design Specialization brings a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design. It offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective rather than one focused on marketing or programming alone. In this sequence of four courses, you will summarize and demonstrate all stages of the UI/UX development process, from user research to defining a project's strategy, scope, and information architecture, to developing sitemaps and wireframes.

According to some studies, it is said that it is one of the hottest jobs in the world. And with an average salary of 4.5 LPA for freshers, if you can crack the code, you will be okay with getting the job as a UIUX designer. And if you want to learn more about UIUX designing, you will have to join the course with us at PWH Foundation.


Motion graphics is one of the careers in high demand right now. So, this is one of the best career opportunities for you if you are interested in animation. The chance of finding a job in motion graphics is excellent. Some people start as Video Editors and then specialize later in their careers. It is also possible to progress to Art Directors or Creative Directors jobs.

To start with, you need to learn a basic idea of how the motion design software work. Also, creativity is a crucial part of becoming a motion design animator. So, it is recommended that you start your courses with PWH Foundation and learn from the best while creating your portfolio and learning from the best. And after you finish your classes, you need to work an internship, and then you can find a high-paying job.

The job outlook for Web Developers as very positive because Web Developers are in high demand across various industries, and a worldwide gap in software and web development skills has most observers forecasting high demand well into the future. Web Developers to grow eight percent by 2029, much faster than the average for job roles. There is also no sign demand will wane. The expansion of e-commerce — online shopping is now expected to grow faster than the overall retail industry — and an ever-increasing reliance on mobile search will only create further need for talented Web and Software Developers. That means that even if many career changers from other tech disciplines decide they want to become a Web Developer, the job outlook should remain positive.

A full-stack developer is someone who can create both client software as well as server software. In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, they also have to know how to program a browser using jQuery or JavaScript, how to program a server, or how to a database

Full Stack Developer Salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.4 Lakhs to ₹ 17.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.5 Lakhs. So it can be safely said that it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the market right now. And if you want to take advantage of this, you will have to take your courses with us from PWH Foundation.

A Content Writing course is a certification training course that covers all the modules needed to hone your writing skills. Typically, a content writing course will enable you to express yourself through written communication clearly. The course duration of the content writing course is six months. And in this course, you will be given in-depth knowledge of the various tools used to write perfect content to suit your client's needs.

As the world is doing business over the internet, written words have taken over the market to convey your thoughts and emotions. So, SEO content writing jobs are all in the rage right now. So, if you want to earn by writing, you take the course with us to learn all there is to know to be a successful content writer.

According to LinkedIn, the number of job openings for a digital marketer exceeds more than 9 million in the Indian job market. So it can be safely said that this is one of the most interesting careers out there. With a huge paycheck and a lot of challenges that will let you show your skills if you are interested in marketing in any way, this is the job for you.

As there is a significant shift in the digital world, the future of a digital marketer is starting to look more and more bright every passing day. And if you are planning to specialize, then your career will be looking a lot more interesting. And to know how to function as a digital marketer, you need to start the classes with PWH Foundation and set your career on the way to success.

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