✓ Learn about various software like photoshop and illustrator
✓ Gain knowledge about the theoretical part like color palate and color theory
✓ Learn how to create professional designs for clients
✓ Polish up your creativity and visualization skills


The student will get to learn an intricate knowledge of the inner working of the tools like photoshop and illustrator and you will learn the way how a professional tackles the intricacies of the client details. The student will also be inspired to up their productivity and creativity and will be taught to use their imagination for their work.


10+2 (Any Stream) / Ungraduates / Graduates

Course duration: 6 months

Cleverly split into practical and theory classes

Career Opportunities

100% Guarantee of High-Paying Jobs

15 JAN, 2023

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3 Months

Program Duration

Blended Learning

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Why Join this Program

Get trained by the best

Get trained by professionals who are working in the field for the last 7 years and have experience working with some of the hardest projects for some of the biggest companies in the industry. So, with their experience and training, you will notice that you have become an expert in the field in a mere amount of 6 months.

Learn and earn

PWH Foundation focuses on giving you the skills and refining them to a razor-sharp edge. And we do it to ensure that you can succeed in the professional field with flying colors and earn something you deserve. We will work hard with you so that you can achieve success in your area of expertise.

100% Job Opportunities

When you finish your course with us, you will see that you will get a high-paying job with us or some of the biggest companies in the nation. We are proud to say that our alumni are today working with some of the biggest names in the nation, with a huge payscale. So, if you think you deserve the best, you have to work with us.

As a fresher, you will get a basic idea of what graphic design is and what encompasses it. You will be given classes on design elements and given detailed know-how of color palate and color theory. You will also learn how to use various tools like Adobe illustrator as well. You will get knowledge of how the professionals work as well.

As an intermediate, you will get a detailed description of various tools like stork panels, rotate and shear, brush tools, and so on. We will also give you a detailed understanding of the kinks of various applications like photoshop and illustrator. And you will get to practice what you learned with our unlimited practical classes.

As an advanced student, you will be taught less about art and more about the technical side. You will be taught the basics of the Type tool & menu, Select Menu, Create outlines, Paragraph typing & other character panel options, Save & export to different file formats, and Infographic and Design. You will also be given a demo of live paint tools as well. You will also get the class assignment on polyarts as well.


Chapter 1

∟ Introduction to Graphic Design

∟ Design Elements and Colour Theroy

∟ Working with Adobe Illustrator,
Selection tool, Shape tools,
Transform & Rotate,
Alignment & Distribution,
Grouping & Ungrouping,
Object arrangement & order,
Coloring objects using Color Panel,
Direct Selection tool.


Chapter 2

∟ Strok panel, Rotate & Shear,
Pen, Pencil & Brush tool,
Arrange, Lock, Unlock with properties,
Pathfinder, Anchor points, add & Delete anchor points, corner & smooth anchor points,

Class Assignment – Complete set of icons


Chapter 3

∟ Type tool & menu, Select Menu, Create outlines, Paragraph typing & other character panel options, Saving & exporting to different file formats, Infographic Design.

∟ Live paint tool, Object Menu – Join, Average, Compound path, Shape builder tool.

Class Assignment – Poly Art.

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