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You can get active, experienced, skilled, and talented professionals at any hour to execute your project work. They are equipped to work on per hour/weekly or monthly basis. They put their creative instincts with knowledge of trendy advanced technological know-how and work wonders maintaining the deadline. The commitment toward your clientele transforms success in the procurement of business.

Your name, we’ve had it. Our database comprises the particulars for communication supported by a portfolio for your requirement. Whenever you want to get hired, you can depend on PWH Foundation.

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Get Admission in any of the courses highlighted in this courses section of the website. The class will be conducted with a live faculty presence and experienced teachers from the trade with 3 hours on every alternate day at a reasonable cost that can be paid at the EMI facility. 

Why Hire from Us?

PWH Foundation manifesto is for deserving aspirants who wish to learn to earn their livelihood in the society. The purpose and the objective transform with a vision to gain reliability and credibility without gaining profits as an approved establishment by the central government.

What We Do:

PWH Foundation is probably the Best Training Partner in Kolkata. 

PWH Foundation offers on-job training to student candidates with the following unique features for growth in their careers:


  • 100% Placement/Business Assistance
  • Lifetime Mentorship
  • Paid Internship
  • Lifetime Access to Asia’s Biggest LMS
  • Build Your Career in 9 Months
  • Get Funds to Run Real-Time Ads Project
  • Free Website (Domain + Hosting)
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Personalized Training
  • Career Mentoring and Interview Preparation
  • Live Online & Offline Class
  • Internship Guaranteed
  • 7+ International certifications

What do our students say?

I was a deprived child suffering from education and poised to build a career within the community. PWH Foundation made my future shine by giving me the privilege of Digital Marketing and Content Writing courses, ultimately placing me in a company and showing me a way to earn. With their excellent Seo and Click-based writing training, I learned to fulfill my potential and learned to express myself with words. And the best part of all, I also got a fantastic job with a 3.5 LPA salary. Thank you, Krishnendu sir and the PWH Foundation, for this opportunity.

Parveek Banerjee

Full Time Student

Hello, My name is Baisakhi Chatterjee and I completed my Graphic Designing course from PWH Foundation in Behala for the last 9 months. And on completing the course, I got an internship with them and then got an incredible opportunity as a graphic designer with an MNC in Bangalore. And i am thankful to PWH Foundation and Rajdip sir and the faculty who have helped me find this incredible career opportunity. They have been incredibly supportive and understanding, and they have helped me achieve this success.

Baisakhi Chatterjee

Full Time Student

Hi, this is Souvik Ghosh, and I have done web design courses from PWH Foundations. As someone with no knowledge of web designing and IT, I have learned a lot. Our instructors Mustafiz Sir and Shankar Sir taught us really well and helped us do our best in class. They taught us really well and helped us take care of all the problems we ever faced. My overall experience was a lot more beautiful than I ever expected. Thank you PWH Foundation for providing me with such an incredible opportunity to learn.

Souvik Ghosh

Full Time Student

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