✓ Help your kids learn new things every day
✓ Help them gain a new perspective on life and society
✓ Help them Gain new skills to increase their CV Score
✓ Help them stay a step ahead in the rat race of life


The students will learn how to use a computer and will start learning about the technicalities surrounding it. And the kids will also gain important life skills like discipline and focus along with knowledge of programming, coding, and graphic design as well. We will make sure your kids are a step ahead of the competition while having fun doing it.


12th Standard or Equivalent

Course duration: 6 months

Cleverly split into practical and theory classes

Career Opportunities

100% Guarantee of High-Paying Jobs

15 JAN, 2023

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6 Months

Program Duration

Blended Learning

Learning Format

Why Join this Program

Get trained by certified teachers

If you are going to teach your kids how to use a computer, then make sure are doing it from the best. For that, PWH Foundation is your safest bet. Because, with us, you will get the best teachers with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the classroom environment, and an in-depth knowledge of the child’s psyche. And we will make sure as well that we nourish your kids and help them grow and live up to their full potential.

Stay a step ahead

When your kid joins our program, we make sure they always stay a step ahead of their peers. And in this world of competition, information and knowledge are the only things that will set them apart and will help them stay a step ahead of their competitors. We will also make sure that they have fun learning. And with fun practical classes, they will they won’t just have to cram, but learn and improve their skill as well.

Prepare them for the future

We not only just teach them how to use a computer from basics to the level of a tech whiz, but we also make sure that they gain some essential skills for the future. In today’s world, having the relevant skills can have a huge impact on making or breaking the dream career your little one always dreamt of. So, Bring them to us at PWH Foundation, and let us help your kids learn and prep them for the future.

Certificate in Office Automation

∟ Become a UX designer

∟ You will be able to add UX designer to your CV

∟ Become a UI designer

∟ Build an App & Website Design

Certificate in Graphics Design & Publishing (CGDP)

Computer Fundamentals, DTP Software Tools (Eg. Pagemaker, InDesign), Vector Graphics (Eg. Corel Draw, Inkscape), Digital Painting, Raster Graphics (Eg. Photoshop, GIMP), Project

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Google Ads Account Management, Keyword Targeting, Language & Location Targeting, Budgets & Bidding, Search, Display and Video Ad, Performance Monitoring & Reporting, Introduction of SEO, HTML, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Account Management

Certificate in Unix, C & C++

Unix, C, C++, Project

Certificate in Android Applications

Android Studio, IDE and Tools, Use of Emulator, Popular Controls, SAX Parsing, JSON Parsing, Google Map & Web View, Database with SQLite

Certificate in Computer Hardware Maintenance

Basic & Digital Electronics, Motherboard Microprocessor, Secondary Storage Devices, Assembling of Computer with BIOS Setup, Software & OS Installation (Windows & Linux), Laptop Maintenance, Raspberry Pi

Certificate in PHP with MySQL

Concept of HTML, Basic Syntax of PHP, Array, Function, Working with Forms, Cookies, Sessions, AJAX, CMS with WordPress, MySQL databases with PHP, Project

Certificate in Advanced JAVA

Concept of OOPs, Inheritance, Package, Interface, Exception, Threading, Applet, Swing, Servlet, JDBC, JSP, J2ME, Project

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