✓ Learn about user interface designs
✓ Create Interesting user experience designs
✓ Learn about tools like Sketch and Adobe XD
✓ Brush up your creativity and learn from the Professionals


The students will be taught how to create a flawless user interface and an aesthetically pleasing user experience. The student after finishing the course will be able to use the tools required to create an incredible UI/UX design like a pro. The students will also be instructed by the mentors at PWH Foundation on handling the client’s demands and work accordingly.


10+2 (Any Stream) / Ungraduates / Graduates

Course duration: 6 months

Cleverly split into practical and theory classes

Career Opportunities

100% Guarantee of High-Paying Jobs

15 JAN, 2023

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3 Months

Program Duration

Blended Learning

Learning Format

Why Join this Program

Get trained by the best

Get trained by professionals who are working in the field for the last 7 years and have experience working with some of the hardest projects for some of the biggest companies in the industry. So, with their experience and training, you will notice that you have become an expert in the field in a mere amount of 6 months.

Learn and earn

PWH Foundation focuses on giving you the skills and refining them to a razor-sharp edge. And we do it to ensure that you can succeed in the professional field with flying colors and earn something you deserve. We will work hard with you so that you can achieve success in your area of expertise.

100% Job Opportunities

When you finish your course with us, you will see that you will get a high-paying job with us or some of the biggest companies in the nation. We are proud to say that our alumni are today working with some of the biggest names in the nation, with a huge payscale. So, if you think you deserve the best, you have to work with us.

Get to know the basics of both UI and UX designs. In the first 3 months, you will get to know the basic workings of the UI/UX design and get a basic idea of what it does. You will also get a basic idea of what an app design website does and how you can use it to create your preferred designs. Also, you will get to learn a lot about colors and how to choose and use them in your designs in this course.

As an intermediate, you will get some great lectures from professionals who have been working in the field for the last 10 years at least. You will also get to play with colors and work on the development of apps straight from the experts. You will also get to learn to use the kits and shortcuts to create a design. You will also get to learn quick frames as well.

You will get to learn and play with fonts and colors in UIUX. You will also get to create a whole mobile app prototype and will create a full project on your own. You will also get to know the tricks and shortcuts as well. You will create a whole prototype design and then maybee a whole app as well.


Chapter 1


∟ Become a UX designer

∟ You will be able to add UX designer to your CV

∟ Become a UI designer

∟ Build an App & Website Design

Chapter 2

∟ You will learn how to choose colors

∟ Learn to design websites and mobile App –  Advance


Chapter 3

∟ 93 Lectures of well structured, step by step content

∟ Work with fonts & colors

∟ You will be able to send finished work to other professionals in the correct formats

∟ Test on mobile phones

∟ Create your first UX brief and persona

∟ How to use premade UI kits.

∟ You will be able start earning money from XD skills


Chapter 4

∟ You will have a project your own to add to your portfolio

∟ Learn to design Websites & mobile phone Apps

∟ Create quick wireframes


Chapter 5

∟ Work with font and colors in depth

∟ Build a mobile app prototype that responses to voice commands

∟ Build a UX project from the beginning to end

∟ Build and test a full mobile app

∟ Prototype your design and interactions

∟ You will create realistic prototype complete with micro interactions.

∟ Export production ready assets

∟ Learn professional workflow tricks and shortcuts.

∟ All techniques used by UX professionals

∟ You will be able to talk correctly with other UX design professional

∟ You will learn how to pick up the correct fonts

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